From: Revival Animal Health and vet Dr. Greer

Needing to tube feed a puppy? *This can also be used for kittens, you'll just use a smaller tube. 

Maybe you want to learn ahead of time, just in case. Join Dr. Greer as she gives step-by-step helping in tube feeding your puppies. 

A Note from vet Dr. Greer

If you put the tube in the water BEFORE you feed, and it bubbles – STOP!!!, as the tube is in the lungs, do not feed, remove the tube.

If there are no bubbles, you are not in the lungs so can proceed with feeding. Hope that helps! -Angie at Revival

Add any hints tips or comments so that others can learn from your experience about tube feeding puppies and kittens? 

  • Revival Animal Health is an animal supply company in the USA. I have followed there pet health videos for a number of years, and found them very good.
  • StudMaster has been in discussion with them about importing some of their breeding and whelping supplies to NZ, but they are still undertaking the correct licenses requirement to be able to send product here. 

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