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C♦H Handcrafted

C♦H Handcrafted

C♦H Handcrafted is an eclectic range of dog products, dependant upon my textile interest at the time. So the range varies and are mostly one off's pieces.  We've added the, vinyl decal products by request of Click N Fetch to make personalisation available to dog owners. If you have a personalised decals in mind simply contact us or choose from one of the customisable product options. although for show stall we do and personalised

Ribbon Holder & Rosette Hangers

Always wonder what to do with your latest Ribbon or Rosette... now you can display them on a Ribbon Holder or Rosette Hanger, and celebrate your dogs achievements instead of chucking them in a box !

Vinyl Decals

Tell the world how much your dogs mean to you  with our super easy  vinyl decals. 

Cover your grooming rooms walls, car, coffee cups, wine glasses, dog trailer or t-shirt with artwork that expresses who you are. 

Our vinyl decals are super easy to apply and come with quick and easy step-by-step instructions.

Custom decals

Personalise your gear with your kennel name etc, just choose your product and tick the custom box and we'll be in touch

We have 85+ dog breed's in our silhouettes that are available for your choice or you can send us your own.


One off pieces handcrafted earthenware, stoneware and the occasional porcelain piece. These are generally made to order but due to the firing process colours aren't always as expected, so if your piece is not as you imagined there is no obligation to take it, we'll simply offer it as a "for sale" piece.


A miscellaneous collection of other textile creations, including etched glassware, crocheted cotton snoods, dog toys and woodwork items.

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