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Silver Eagle

Silver Eagle

Silver Eagle Outfitters manufacture a range of products that focus on temperature regulation and sun protection. What began as a small array of cooling vests and headwear specially designed for motorcyclists has evolved into a broader selection of products including dog cooling coats under our Cool Champions label and Silver Shade gazebo walls for the canine competitor. 

Cool Champions dog cooling coats and Aluminet Silver Shade gazebo mesh walls imported to New Zealand by Azzaro Show Supplies are now available to order online here at Click N Fetch.

Silver Eagle cooling products are made of a unique composite fabric that features lightweight functionality and easy activation. Anyone who experiences the discomforts of heat and sun exposure can benefit from our cooling apparel. Because they also offer an effective barrier to the cold when worn dry, our customers wear them even in the coldest of winter. These are truly year-round performance products.

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Don’t let your dog suffer in the heat, when you can provide contentment at an affordable price. Our stylish vests will keep your dog cool during play and our canine crate mat will keep him cool at rest.

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