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Thought it was time to start adding bits and pieces as they come to mind, about dog scent work for at home or Dogs NZ and SSANZA events. Feel free to send in any info or articles, training tips, book reviews workshops, or just random facts you think others would enjoy, and I'll start a Library of Topics, including events around NZ, some of this information can be hard to find when you're starting out and their really isn't a "place" that has links to search, so were all doing the same thing over again - lets start our own Library !!! .... so please contribute with any links you've found

27 Feb Its No Wonder Dogs  are good at Scent Works
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Random Facts: #1Its No Wonder Dogs  are good at Scent Works!Dogs possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, that's 50 times more than our measly six million, and the part of a dog's..
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