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Articles of interest about dogs, whelping kit suggestions, handy ideas to make things a little less stressful when the big day comes along

No matter what experience you have as a dog breeder, taking time to read, research and learn new skills is invaluable when it comes to that moment during breeding,  whelping or raising a litter and you need to know just what the options are and what might be an option for your situation 

Opinion pieces are welcome! just email us if you want to share your knowledge ! 

05 Aug Basic Whelping Kit  List
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The list below is intended to give new dog breeders some help on putting your whelping kit together and includes the basic items most often used. You’ll find some options below and it’s really just a ..
02 Dec Stethoscope Basics
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Knowing how to correctly use your stethoscopes is well worth 2 minutes of your time to get maximum performance.Align the headset: Before placing the ear tips in your ears, make sure they point forward..
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