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Dog Coats

NZ's best supply of Dog Cooling Coats, Drying Show and Show Coats ... You've found  dog lovers 

Cooling products for dogs help keep dogs cool when the weather is hot. Cooling clothing for dogs and other dog products specially designed to help your canine beat the heat are all hear to help dog owners. A Dog Pool will help keep your dog cool and happy during the summer heat.

We all know that conditioning is just one part of the winning dog formula so don't let all your hard work go down the drain on show day - keep the coat looking great with a satin lined show coat, or lycra slinky coat. Of course you'll also want to prepare for any weather, Cool Dog Coats to beat the heat and Leggings & Wet Weather Coats for those rainy days. 

  • Cooling Coats - made from pva chamois to keep your dog cool for hours on end 
  • Cool Vest - made from a unique composite fabric
  • Satin Lined Show Coats - smooth and shine the coat
  • Water Resistant Coats - Satin lined water resistant show coats for those rainy days
  • Slinky Coats - body moulding spandex (lycra) Show and Drying coats for that ultra flat finish
  • PV's - spandex (lycra) pee vests protect the belly and chest coat when toileting your boys 

Remember to keep your top show dogs cool this summer with a Cool Coat or for those who prefer a Cooling Mat and grab a Koolie for yourself you be amazed at the difference they make and can be worn even  in the show ring.