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30 May NZ Show Dogs Becomes Click N Fetch
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A new name to better reflect who we are & our online marketplace identityClick N FetchNZ's Marketplace for all Dogs & their Owners!The goal is still the same, for you to be able to order online, inste..
30 May Add Breed Links Here
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We need your help to start a category for each dog breed that will include helpful information and links specific to each breed. If you have any links to articles of interest please added them below a..
13 May Latex vs Silicone - Puppy Feeding Products
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Natural Rubber Latex vs Silicone Feeding Nipples for Puppies & KittensThis is something I've been looking into ever since my first conversation with Dong Li the inventor of the Bubble Milk BowlI have ..
05 May Multi Puppy Feeding Stations - Milk Bubbles
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This video shows the Dongdong bubble milk bowl in action  And how Darcy from Steadfast Standard Schnauzers successfully hand reared and feed a litter of 14 puppies. Each feeding took less than a hour,..
04 May How to Tube Feed a Puppy
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From: Revival Animal Health and vet Dr. GreerNeeding to tube feed a puppy? *This can also be used for kittens, you'll just use a smaller tube. Maybe you want to learn ahead of time, just in case. Join..
11 Apr Feeding Nipples & Holes
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 How big should the hole in a puppy nipple be ?The hole in the nipple should be large enough to allow a drop of milk to slowly form. The milk should drip out at a rate of 1-2 drops per second with a g..
10 Apr How To Syringe Feed a New-born Puppies
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Using a Syringe to Feed a New-born PuppiesIf a new born puppy isn't able to nurse well enough because it's too small, too weak, or has too much competition from littermates, you can supplement with fo..
27 Feb Its No Wonder Dogs  are good at Scent Works
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Random Facts: #1Its No Wonder Dogs  are good at Scent Works!Dogs possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, that's 50 times more than our measly six million, and the part of a dog's..
05 Aug Basic Whelping Kit  List
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The list below is intended to give new dog breeders some help on putting your whelping kit together and includes the basic items most often used. You’ll find some options below and it’s really just a ..
29 Nov Common Dog  Breeding & Whelping Terms
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It's easy to forget that we use jargon when discussing our breeding plans and whelping experiences with other breeders, until a new or less experienced breeder joins the conversation. So here’s a star..
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