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Want to share your skill, talent or products ? then join us for free to showcase dog products with easy online ordering for your clients. Pay just 10% commission only on sold products to cover website admin  take care of all technical stuff... there is no risk, so give it a try and watch your sales grow. All you need is a product. Our web admin will help with all the graphics and content shipping etc to set up your store it couldn't be easier. Once you have a vendor account more information and user guides are available for you. 

NZ Show Dogs is a combined marketplace website for individual sellers product. Creating a mutually beneficial website that increases your exposure to new potential customers and improves your ordering process. 

The customer benefits from the variety of products and can shop with one single cart even when purchasing from multiple sellers. Online order processing through a single checkout provides a seamless shopping experience. Customers can swiftly make a checkout with multiple seller products in the cart. NZ Show Dogs e-commerce solution is the perfect way to manage your small or hobby business requirements and grow sales by providing online shopping options.

The customer can view the details of each independent vendor store, products and brand information and add valuable product review feedback.

Your product will become part of the main website and you'll also have a your very own separate online store page featuring all your own products, your own branding and store information ... so become a vendor and start selling your dog products today.. 

NZ Show Dogs is a Dog Focused combined marketplace website for individual sellers products &  collections. Many small business can't afford the ongoing costs of their own website and don't have the skill to set up their own online store. Setting up your store is the "hard part" and I'm here to help and make things as easy and quick as possible.

Becoming part of NZ Show Dogs has a mutually beneficial effect, by offering a wider variety if dog product than you make/stock our clients visit looking for one product  and find many others not usually available online. will increase your target client exposure and enable customers to easily make purchases from multiple sellers in just a single checkout process. Once the order is placed each vendor is automatically sent an email for just their own products. i.e. the system separates the order to its respective vendors for fulfilment. You receive the full client details, and order information.