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Miracle Nipple sold by StudMaster

Miracle Nipple sold by StudMaster

Miracle Nipples are sold by Stud Master

These are like nothing that come before, and after using these miracle nipple teats to feed your puppies, you'll wonder why you bothered with anything else.

This is the genuine Miracle Nipple now available in New Zealand, designed by Chris Clarke (Chris’ Squirrels & More,  USA)  ideal for puppies and other small to medium sized suckling mammals, with a kneading pad for their small paws to knead, just as they would naturally while nursing from their mother. Made for orphan puppies and emergency feeding situations, or top up supplement feeding a must have on you whelping kit.

Fits On A Syringe

  • For ease of use the miracle nipple fits either a slip tip or luer lock tip syringe (with syringes larger than a 3cc we recommend to use the luer lock style syringe or a small nursing bottle.  A syringe is recommend when hand feeding your newborn puppies to reduce the chance of aspiration, it also helps develop their suck relax and promotes duel feeding from mum and topping up from the miracle nipple as the action is mimicked.


  • Original Miracle Nipple is the standard size – which is suitable for most small mammals, including kittens, puppies, kittens, rabbits, possums and other small- to medium-sized mammals.
  • Mini Miracle Nipple is designed for newborn mice, and very small mammals and is suitable for some cat and dog breeds with shorter faces and other small mammals.


  • Made of a strong latex material of superior quality and flexibility of the miracle nipple mean it will far outlast other teats and nipples.  
  • Designed to minimize the chance of small sharp teeth piercing the nipple and swallowing apart of it.
  • Washable and reusable
  • Beware of imitations (there are some limitations of the market – but like many things – There is nothing like the real deal !)

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