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Scent Work Supplies

Scent Work is the fastest growing dogs’ sports worldwide. Ever watched a detector dog, Police or Search & Rescue dog in action and thought cool is that? Scent work mimics those detector dogs at work, and you can easily teach your dog and have some fun doing it. 

Scent Work is for pet owners and dog sport competitors of any level. There's almost no restriction on who can get involved. There are lots of dog owners doing it just for fun in their own backyards - its a great party trick!. if you’re just looking to try it out the Have A Go Kit has all you need and includes free guide to getting started.

Scent work products that will help you on your scent detection journey. Make your own kits with our individual items or choose from one of our pre made Scent Work Kits.

Scent Work training supplies, hides, containers, essential oils, if you are looking for scent work equipment you're in the right place, we have scent work supplies for pet owners, clubs and trainers. For for all things scent work, kits, containers, essential oil odours, magnets, hides, . 

Many dog clubs and trainers offer Scent Work or “nose work” classes, all over New Zealand. And you’ll find a wealth of links on our Scent Works Links page to information, training, and tips online.

If your waiting for a local class to start - you an get a head start by imprinting your dog at home... no time like the present to get started !

Check out one of the NZ Organisations to find a local class near you:

Dogs NZ Scent Work 

SAANZ - Scent Sport Assn NZ

Loyalty discounts are available for clubs and trainers who want to supply their members. - You can support your club when making a purchase

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