Natural Rubber Latex vs Silicone Feeding Nipples for Puppies & Kittens

This is something I've been looking into ever since my first conversation with Dong Li the inventor of the Bubble Milk Bowl
I have been a huge supporter and imported the Miracle Nipple since invented, But Dong dong Pet has taken that concept to the next level with the use of silicone in my opinion. But until now we really didn't have much choice in NZ is was a matter of getting what was available. Now StudMaster gives you a choice ! Replica Nipples are designed like the Miracle Nipple but made of silicone and offer more in the way of sizes.

Ideally you'll want to get your puppy feeding as quick as possible and choosing a product that allows for duel feeding i.e. from mum and by you. So taste and feel may play a part for some puppies and kittens. Rubber nipples will have a slight rubbery taste, which comes from natural rubber material. Silicone pacifiers have the added benefit of being completely odourless and tasteless, which can help prevent refusal of the nipple for puppies that are being supplement feed. Silicone is a flexible material that can be shaped for puppy & kittens mouths.

 Silicone is better suited for older puppies with teeth, as its sturdier and long-lasting, which means they don't break down easily as a result of biting!

There are several factors to help you determine which is material for you. Both rubber and silicone nipples have their benefits, and choosing is a matter of personal preference. But I hope this helps.

Random Facts

Silicon and silicone are two different things. It's not just a case of pronunciation. Silicon is a naturally occurring chemical element, whereas silicone is a synthetic substance. 

Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth's crust, after oxygen! Its a metalloid, (has properties of both metals and non-metals)

Silicone, by contrast, is a synthetic polymer made up of silicon, oxygen and other elements. Silicone is generally a liquid or a flexible, rubberlike plastic, and has a number of useful properties, such as low toxicity and high heat resistance which make it ideal for medical and food products.

Here's how I remember the difference...

Silicon = think of Silicon Valley famous for where silicon-based semiconductors and computer chips are made

Silicone = cone reminds me of funnel - and is used for food products

Add any hints, tips or comments so that we can learn from each other 

What's the Difference Latex vs Silicone and does it mater ?

Latex Natural Rubber Nipples
Silicone Bubble Milk Bowls & Nipples
Made of Natural rubber latex is obtained from sap of rubber trees. Colour variation occur. Biodegradable.
Silicone is a man-made polymer derived from natural silicon Choose medical or food-grade feeding equipment for your litter. 
Natural aging occurs and wears down with time. Prone to wear and tear, and breaks down quickly
Lasts long and can be reused more.
Allergic Response
May cause allergic reaction to those who have a latex allergy. natural, biodegradable
Silicone has not caused any known allergy
SterilizationOnly by pouring boiling water. Any extra heat would cause it to damage.
Can be boiled, microwave sterilized and does not degrade at higher temperatures.
Taste & Feel
Has a rubbery taste and feel "dry" somewhat stiff
No taste and is softer, smooth and flexible

Opinion piece authored by StudMaster

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