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Grooming Stone

Grooming Stone
Grooming Stone
Grooming Stone
Grooming Stone
Grooming Stone
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Grooming blocks are so handy for removing loose hair and smoothing rough cut marks in the coat, without damaging new growth. Available in coarse and medium these grooming stones are safe to use on your dog and handy for getting dog hair off clothes and furniture
The groomer's stone (often referred to is black pumice) is perfect for removing shedding hair and dander during moulting season to bring out the coat's natural shine on almost any animal, not just dogs, but other animals e.g.cows, cats, goats and horses too.
Slick and easy to use, the coarse block is made of black pumice and has a more open rougher texture and will wear down quicker than the medium grooming block, which is made of foam glass. But either hand stripping stone last for ages.
  • I've been using mine for a few years and it still has about 1/4 left 
  • I break mine in half to make handling easier
  • I've tried both sorts and prefer the pumice stone over the foam glass imitation

Check out the sculpture sticks for fine detailing stripping and shaping. 

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