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Matt Breaker

Matt Breaker
Matt Breaker
Matt Breaker
Matt Breaker
Matt Breaker
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Disclaimer: This is layman’s description intended for product information only. NZ Show Dogs accept no responsibility or liability associated with this product, description, tips or use and advises you to seek professional advice.

A handy matt breaker for those stubborn knots tangle and matts that just don't untangle without some extra help. Ideally matts should be brushed out using a comb or pin brush, its slow methodical work. But occasionally when de-matting you'll need help to break into the tangles and knots to open it up.

Use the matt breaker to slowly work away at edges of the mat, just enough to get your pin brush or comb into it. This is a slow process and being careful is key to retaining as much of your dog coat as possible. 

Handy Tips

  • Bathing the dog will tighten knots
  • Use a detangling spray to soften the coat and make it easier for knots to untangle.
  • Get out any small mats and tangles with a comb and pin brush
  • Try separating knots and mats with your fingers

If you still have knot and mats its time to use your mat breaker. But It takes a little practice to use a mat breaker and save your dogs show coat, so start in an area less visible. Break open a minimal area then continue with  your comb or pin brush.  

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