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Hemostat Forceps for Groomers

Hemostat Forceps for Groomers
Hemostat Forceps for Groomers
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Hemostats Forceps aid dog groomers in the plucking and  removal of dogs ear hair to prevent infection and canker 

  • Straight stainless-steel haemostats with locking ratchet
  • The stainless-steel construction makes these easy to disinfect
  • The serrated tip provides a vice grip when the haemostat is locked as a clamp
  • Handy for removing thorns from your dogs pads & paws
  • Used by groomers to remove excess hair from the ear canal and reduce the risk of infections
  • A basic 1st Aid kit requirement.

Sizes: 12.5cm

Hemostats also spelt Haemostats  and commonly referred to as Forceps

Typically, haemostats are forceps with a locking ratchet used for clamping blood vessels and control bleeding. The jaws can be straight, curved or angled and come in a variety of lengths. But for clamping umbilical cords, the general and most commonly used is the straight-jawed haemostat.

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