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Infant Stethoscope

Infant Stethoscope
Infant Stethoscope
Infant Stethoscope
Infant Stethoscope
Infant Stethoscope
Infant Stethoscope
Infant Stethoscope
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Disclaimer: This is layman’s description intended for product information only. NZ Show Dogs accept no responsibility or liability associated with this product, description, tips or use and advises you to seek professional advice.

Designed for the smallest patients! A good quality dual headed stethoscope designed to listen to different bodily sounds. Making this stethoscope ideal for your whelping kit to check for moisture in the lungs then flip it over to check heartbeats. The cup side is designed to listen to low frequency lung sounds, while the opposite flat side is designed to listen to high frequency heart sounds. 

Stethoscopes all have the same basic parts, the difference with this Infant Stethoscope is the size and contour of the chest piece, diaphragm, and bell. At 2.3cm its the smallest size available and the most suited to new born puppies and fits their smaller ribs better.

  • Infant Stethoscope
  • Extra earplugs
  • Replacement Membrane
  • Name tag

Stethoscope Cases sold separately. or Get 10% discount when purchased with a stethoscope

Using your Stethoscope 

Improper Stethoscope use will reduce the acoustic seal and block sound

Before placing the tips in your ears, make sure they point forward, away from you, to align with your ear canals for comfort and maximum sound transmission. 

If the fit isn't comfortable, or lacks acoustic performance, adjust the headset tension. Gently squeeze the ear tubes together to tighten or pull them apart to loosen tension.

Handy Tip: Heart murmurers often become more apparent in baby puppies at around 4-5 weeks of age when the requirement for oxygen increases dramatically. Seek professional advice for any puppy that tires more easily, is hard to wake or shows signs of  discomfort.

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