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Dongdong Pets

Dongdong Pets

Dong dong pets have revolutionised hand rearing puppies and kitten with the original bubble milk bowl ! 

Dong Li is a  cat breeder of many years is the original inventor of the milk bubble bowl. When speaking to Dong Li . you very quickly understand how passionate he is about this product and the journey of its development and the research and development that has gone into it. 

Dong dong pets designer and manufacturing of the the original bubble milk bowl for hand rearing and  supplement milk feeding products for puppies and kittens.  With a similar concept to the way farmers having been raising orphans lambs and calves for years, product use the best of silicone technology and are specifically for the domestic pet. These multi milk feeding stations will revolutionise how dog breeders care for new born puppies.

Like all good things there are imitation multi feeding station products available but nothing compares to the quality of the original Dong dong Pet Bubble milk bowl .

Dong dong pet now make the silicone nipple for syringe feeding !

StudMaster is New Zealand's No 1 supplier of Dong dong Pets milk bubble bowls and silicone syringe feeding nipples

Read the Latex vs Silicone for Puppy Products

Why StudMaster thinks is silicone the way of the future when hand feeding puppies .... 

  • Silicone pacifiers are sturdier than latex pacifiers, it retains its shape, does not age, and can withstand high temperatures and last longer.
  • Natural rubber latex is affected by the natural aging process e.g. UV-light, air, saliva, and heat.

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