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Obedience Slip Leads - Brown

Obedience Slip Leads - Brown
Obedience Slip Leads - Brown
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Slip leads are ideal for obedience, agility and scent work or as sturdy walking leashes for small to medium breeds. Made for slipping over the head in a hurry, they are great dogs who don't wear collars, or are attending shows. These leashes also come in handy in Grooming Salons, or Kennels as you can slip the leash over the dogs head without getting to up an close to the dogs personal space which is especially great for anxious dogs.

Made from strong nylon rope, it's a lead that will last. The rounded handle is comfortable and perfect for those long walks. Comes with a sturdy stopper to prevent the lead from loosening too far.

These leashes come in a variety of colours including Black, Brown(Liver), Red and Blue. We also have an option of two widths, these leashes are as versatile as you can get. 

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