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Anti-Static Finishing Brush

Anti-Static Finishing Brush
Anti-Static Finishing Brush
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This Anti-Static Wooden Pin Brush is perfect for finishing your dog. The wooden pins are antistatic and smooth the coat!

  • The Brushes look and feel great with an elegant and smooth handle and body
  • Plastic hairbrushes can generate static electricity as they run through your dogs hair. This causes loose ends to stand up and not do as they're told. Bamboo and wooden brushes don't have the same effect and lead to smoother and more obedient results. It also means you use less hair product trying to tame those fly-aways which is better for your dogs skin in the long run.
  • Rounded bristle tips and soft rubber cushioning means that your dogs skin is gently stimulated as you brush through their hair. This stimulation promotes the production of natural oils leading to a shinier and healthier coat.

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